Do you really know what happens to your child online?

Your child is constantly under danger of online predators, cyberbullyng and pornography. According to the statistics:
Have been solicited sexually online
Have been bullied online, and only 10% tell their parents
Are willing to share personal information online in exchange for goods and service
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The most intuitive parental control service.

Care4teen protects your child when in the Internet and helps you establish a better contact with your child.

Care4teen helps you protect your child when in the Web.

It protects your child against the potential risks which may come from the Internet. It helps you find a common language with your child more easily and establish a better contact with your child.

You make the Internet safer.

Using the Care4teen parental control, you make the Internet safer not only for your own child but for all other children as well.

Be there with your child.

The personal profile at care4teen/login helps you remotely, from a computer, a tablet or a phone, be aware of what your child is doing and always be right beside your child.

Care4teen is a free and the easiest-to-use parental control service.
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Enhanced security features for your child

Key activity reports

In interactive graphic form

Video Reports
Site & processes track
Social activity reports
Group filters

As strong as you choose them to be

Website filters
Porn blocking
Games & application blocking

Simple and userfriendly

Remote access
One account for PC, Apple and Android

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Best parental control software that protects your child from pornography, violence, and threatening communication. This group will protect your child.

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Сare4teen is a collaborative parental control service. Join us now and protect your child in the Internet and make it safer for all other children.